Ripl Gamified Design Exploration

Date: 2021 Feb, 1 Week

Role: UX/UI Design & Research

Solo Project
Feedbacks from Ripl UX Team: Carrie, Marina

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Vision& Research


Ripl is a software startup that provides a social media marketing app to small businesses on mobile and web platforms. As a UX/UI contractor, I participated in reviews of product requirements documents and went through user data. I also proposed and iterated many designs for Ripl products at IOS, Android and Web platforms.

This exploration was set at the last week before I finished my contractor work and have been approved as my portfolio piece.

For the Exploration
Think about...

Design a gamified experience for iOS users in the 7-day free trial where customers are rewarded with 30% off their one-time subscription(monthly or yearly) when they have achieved creating 3 posts and successfully shared them within their first month.

Real User Data Analysis

Used Amplitude to dissect and analyze real user data

Design Guideline & Principles

Reviewed UX team design guideline and followed design principles

Before the Exploration,I Did...

Understood product challenges and prioritized opportunities for improvement.

Competitor Research

Conducted in depth research about over 10 competitive products and created a well organized documentation

Insights from the Research

I synthesized three main insights on how to achieve the goal of encouraging new users to successfully create and share 3 posts :

1. New users encounter problems when exploring all 3 post design methods by themselves.

2. New users lack motivation to share post, most of them drop in the middle of a process.

3. Most new users try to create a post from the templates .

Design Requirements

Notified support features to the new users.

Encouraged new users to make 3 sharing posts, each from “Collection template”, “Searching a template” and “Create your own”.

Helped new users build a habit to explore the app and make more posts.


I recommend
tackling them like this:

Gift Quest Onboarding

Check Quest Status

Notified Once Done

Build Habits

Decision Making

My Responsibilities As a Full Time UX/UI Contractor

Reviewed Product Requirement Documents

Conducted Competitor Audits

Cognitive Walkthroughs

Proposed New Designs for Product UX/UI

Joined A/B Test Planning Development

Usability Test and Data Analysis

Iterated Through Multiple Explorations

UX/UI High Fidelity Prototypes


Fully Prepared Documentation for the External Team

I learned how to organize my design thinking process into easy-to-understand presentations. This experience has been very meaningful to me and has given me more confidence when presenting full UX documentation and work in front of cross-functional teams.

Translate the Ambiguous Requirements into the Tangible Ideas

I understood how to work well with both detailed product requirements documents and more ambiguous goals. I have worked effectively to better understand how to propose new ideas that will provide the team a vision while also being practical enough for specific milestone planning.

Able to Take and Provide More Feedbacks

Through this work experience, I learned how to participate more and provide feedback in an external team as a UX designer. It is important to have a backbone and disagree while being flexible to take feedbacks from both internal and external teams. I have developed a deeper understanding of the intersection between user-centered and business-driven design.

First-day Mentality and Eagerness to Learn

Do not hesitate to ask and learn at the beginning. I found that through keeping my enthusiasm and my passion throughout my contract position, I was able to learn a lot more. I appreciate my UX team which always supports me and the people who have collaborated with me.

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