Research In Progress...

Faculty and research scientists in the department of Human Centered Design & Engineering run directed research groups, which offer students a wide range of opportunities to do hands-on work, from conducting usability tests for local companies all the way to collecting data on communication issues internationally.
Project RESeT: Relaxation Environment for Stress in Teens
Today’s teens are suffering from increased stress and depression, impacting their mental and physical health. A great deal of stress stems from school and academics, thus we are working to design a self-administered VR station aimed to reduce student stress.
My Role
UX researched and designed a self -administered VR station aimed to reduce student stress. Involved rapid cycles of research, design, and development, testing, and implementation on the Unity platform.
Human-Centered Gaming
To jump-start the conversation with professors of what a research agenda on human-centered gaming might look like. Discuss translational work between academics and industry in the gaming space.
My Role
Worked with professors to determine a research agenda on human-centered gaming. Used qualitative and quantitative research methods to conduct academic and industry research in the human-centered gaming space.